Sage's appreciation for character costumes and unique fashion began back in 1999 when she first started to practice drawing anime, manga, and cartoon characters. At that time, much of her efforts were spent redesigning character outfits into inspired everyday wardrobe looks. Unfortunately much of this remained only on paper until over a decade later when Sage began to attend conventions with her friends and embraced the art of Cosplay. This is also around the time that Sage discovered her interest in Victorian and Edwardian era clothing through the Lolita styles.

Since then, Sage has created a variety of costumes and cosplay for the multiple conventions that she has attended over the years, along with taking on commission works for fashion and everyday clothing pieces. Just about everything that she has created has been earned through grueling hours of hard work, coffee consumption, and cascades of tears the night before a big event. More recently Sage has taken an interest in creating a line of clothing. Inspired loosely by the Lolita styles that she admired from afar, Sage wants to create a line that embraces the adult within the Lolita: longer skirts, reduced frills and lace, simplified details, and prints that don’t look like they belong on a baby doll.

Sage’s ambitions moving forward are to grow her fashion line out of her own closet and into that of others. She wishes to take on more commissions for costumes and cosplay from a wider range of individuals, taking on new challenges and gaining experiences that she hasn’t faced before.