Odins.Sage's appreciation for character design and style began back in 1999 when she began to practice drawing anime and manga characters. At that time much of her efforts were spent redesigning character outfits into inspired everyday wardrobe looks. Unfortunately much of this only remained on paper until over a decade later when Odins.Sage began to attend conventions with her friends and embraced the art of Cosplay.

And it was love at first stitch.

Since then Odins.Sage has been attending multiple conventions a year, creating more in both quantity and quality cosplays along the way. Just about everything that she has done has been self taught, experience earned through many failed cosplays, broken props, tattered wigs, and long nights of tears and headaches the night before a convention. Her character interests have expanded beyond that of anime and manga into video games, pop culture, american animation, sci-fi, and more. Her 2017 goal is to work towards a full body armour cosplay utilizing worbla, a material that she has only been able to dream about until now.

Odins.Sage just recently finished a degree majoring in digital technology and minoring in fine arts. Fresh out of university, she is now working on building her portfolio with commissions and freelance projects. Her cosplays have been worn to conventions all across the Pacific Northwest, which she hopes to expand across the continent within the next year.