For several White Day's, Yana Toboso, the creator of the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) series, created White Day card designs with various Black Butler characters wishing the fans a happy White Day. In the 2013 Ciel card, Ciel Phantomhive is holding on to one of the iconic Phantomhive company Funtom Rabbits, but this particular breed is special to white day. It is a white rabbit, with a blue vest, gold buttons, blue eyes, a blue and white striped bow around its neck, and a Funtom tag hanging from its left ear. When I found this image I imagined Lizzie forcing Ciel to wear an outfit inspired by that rabbit because "he would just be so cute." So I decided to make the piece as a 2017 White Day surprise!

The cosrumi (cosplay kigurumi) was created from mostly fleece material for the main body and vest, with a nursery fleece for the inner lining of the hood, and cotton blend for the bow. Unfortunately, and amazingly, white and blue striped fabric is actually quite difficult to come by unless requiring a navy blue. So I had to paint my own blue stripes onto a white cotton fabric in order to create my own bow. I took a little bit of creative liberties and decided to give the sleeves some blue cuffs to match the vest. I think it adds a fun touch to the overall look.