"If you decide to curse your destiny I will give you a hand."

Judal is a young, powerful, cocky magician who loves to pull pranks and start wars. In many cases Judal's personality comes across as immature and self-absorbed but occasionally there is a glimmer of the tragedy and PTSD inflicted upon him by his rough childhood and for a moment he softens. I adore the character's complex traits and the overall character development of Judal through the Magi series. On top of that his style is just so fun.

Judal's style is heavily influenced by Indian lore. The chuunari draped around his shoulders I made of a white chiffon. The midriff choli and pants were both made of polyester blend paisley jacquard material, adding more detail than Judal's original plain black look. Building on that flair, the original plain gold trim on Judal's outfit I replaced with a more ornate cold lace trim. His chocker and gauntlets I designed by weaving ornate thick gold lace into each other, then creating a loop and button system for ease of wear. Then I applied a red oval jewelry piece to the choker. The main wig was purchased through Arda Wigs but styled and altered by me. I assembled the ponytail from a series of black hair extensions that I formed around Styrofoam balls and sectioned off with gold lace. This was attached to the main wig via clips.