"Just keep moving."~Monty Oum

Neo speaks to me on an aesthetic level. From her corset, to her amazing tail coat jacket, that split hair colour, and the fact that she uses a parasol as her weapon of choice; I had to create this look from the moment I first saw her. Though she never speaks a word, Neo holds herself with poise and a cocky attitude that I find appealing and admirable. She's a skilled fighter and a loyal right hand to the character Torchwick.

I decided to stray from Neo's exact look in favour of an amazing fan created version of this character. This mostly just meant replacing the pink lining of the jacket and lapel pieces with lace instead of a solid fabric. I also chose to use a darker shade of pink rather than the lighter shade. The jacket was made primarily of peach-skin as the outer fabric, and silky lining and lace as the inner lining and lapels. Silk found in the same colour as the lace was used for the cuffs. I altered an existing pattern to create the jacket pattern. Majority of the other clothing pieces were purchased online or I already owned. The parasol I found then painted using fabric paint to resemble the colour scheme of Neo's parasol. Meanwhile the wig was a learning experience. Two wigs were purchased online along with white extension clips. I spliced the two wigs according to the style that I wanted for the character, her part is slightly off center, then sewed the white pieces in to resemble her look.