“I start playing smarter as of now.”

Batman has been one of my favourite hero characters for as long as I can remember, and in that I have always loved the Batman universe. Over the years I have seen Batman go through a number of Robins and sidekicks, but none has captured my heart quite like the snarky, humorous, caring Dick Grayson. So when it was suggested to create a group of the four main Robin's all grown up I jumped at the opportunity to represent Dick Grayson's Nightwing persona.

Nightwing was an amazing learning experience. The suit was constructed of a thick two-way black spandex, a four-way black spandex, and a 4-way metallic blue spandex along with a few elements of craft foam. The chest emblem was established using a foam base, covered in the blue spandex, sewn into the suit. The armour on the forearms and boots were created from layers of craft foam, painted and formed with a heat gun, and attached via elastic straps, while the mask was molded and carved using an air-drying molding foam and white screen mesh. the wig was purchased through Arda Wigs, then styled and trimmed by me.

The escrima sticks were a team effort cosntructed from PVC, craft and EVA foam, flashlights, and blue gel film. We used Xieng Prod's tutorial as our guide for the escrima sticks.